sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

Michael Jackson - Music & Me (1973)

1. "With a Child's Heart" (Basemore/Cosby/Moy) (as originally performed by Stevie Wonder)
2. "Up Again" (Perren/Yarian)
3. "All the Things You Are" (Hammerstein/Kern)
4. "Happy" (A Theme from Lady Sings the Blues) (Legrand/Robinson)
5. "Too Young" (Lippman/Dee)
6. "Doggin' Around" (Agree) (as originally performed by Jackie Wilson)
7. "Johnny Raven" (Page)
8. "Euphoria" (Ware/Hilliard)
9. "Morning Glow" (Schwartz)
10. "Music and Me" (Cannon/Fenceton/Larson/Marcellino)


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